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The Morningsage Goldens kennel name originated in Southwestern
Minnesota, where we became interested in showing our dogs in the late 1960's
and eventually becoming Breeder/Ownder handlers 1970 through the 1990's.
My last "Morningsage" litter in 1999 gave me "Win" and "Glitz", who remained
with me as loving pets. I continued showing my "Brylin" Welsh Springer and "Advent"
Golden boy on a limited basis into 2006, when a life change brought me to Iowa.

My website is now about sharing my dogs who are my family, but you can still peruse
my photo history of Morningsage dogs via the drop down menu below if you are interested.
You will also find navigation to my Grooming Tutorials there.
The last of my five Goldens that I moved to Iowa, "Talon" died in June, 2012, so "Boozer"
my CH,CGC & TD "Brylin" Welsh Springer, is the only original dog still living in 2014!

The Photos Below were those last updated in 2011:

"Jamie", the BIG girl on the left came into my life in Feb. 2011, when Iowa Golden
Retriever Rescue found it necessary to find another hospice Foster home for her. She
came pretty close to "perfect", and was a joy and much loved until she passed in Jan. 2012.
The photo of "Win" below is a composite of a pencil drawing of him at 1 year of age, done
by my late friend & artist Janie Wormsbecker, and a small inset photo taken just before
he went to Rainbow Bridge in July 2011 at 12+ years of age.

Foster Jamie
Win drawing 1yr, small inset photo in July 2011

Boozer & Talon Snow Run
Boozer & Talon "Snow Run" 2010
just before their 7th Birthdays!

Glitz No Fumes
Glitz Lookin' for More! My sweet girl went to the Bridge
Jan. 2011 and I miss her so!

And here is Talon at 5 yrs of age:

talon at 5 years
Boozer at 6 years of age:

Boozer at 6 years
Talon at 11 wks.
"Talon" at 11 wks.(2003) a.k.a a "Fish Guppy"

is "Advent Morningsage Talon" He is a
"Striper x Scurry" kid, bred
Jane Fish & Sue Nation

Boozer the Welshie at 13 wks.
"Boozer", a.k.a. Brylin Morningsage H'eyeball,
at 13 weeks in 2003. My first deviation
from Goldens in many decades.

"Michael" is pictured below on his birthday in
Nov. 2003; he went to the Bridge Dec. 2003,
and remains on my home page because
he was one of several "Heartdogs", my last Golden
CH, and I'll forever miss his daily WooWoo's!
He was: Am/Can Ch. Morningsage Thriller, CD

Michael's 12th Birthday

    Please use the drop down  navigation
below to view my Grooming Tutorials & many
photo pages.  I'm proud of my current dog family and the many in my past!

anim. puppy copyrighted by Joanne Lastoka

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